From arrangement 0 or 1/2

Girls can be in sequence or out of sequence.  Independently, so can boys.  You can tell which of the four possibilities by just looking at your primary couples.

A get-out almost certainly requires a particular sequence, usually both boys and girls in sequence.  If the square is not already in the desired sequence, one of the simple units below put things as needed.(these are not the only possibilities):

Change sequence of centers (girls, in arrangement 0) with Centers trade.

Change sequence of ends (ends trade works, but is awkward) with Swing thru (and if you want the original arrangement back, add scoot back or trade).  (Ends zoom also works but seems to have limited likelihood of success.  Swing through and trade also works.)

Change sequence of both with swing thru double.  (Or split circulate double, or centers box circulate double.)

From arrangements 1 or 2

The numbers don't help me for these, so I'll note that all of one gender are facing in, and all of the other gender are facing out.

Beware that trades within the wave don't cut it.  Not only does close quarters in the middle make it awkward for the in-facers, but you no longer have a wave when your're done.  Instead:

Cange the in-facers with split circulate (and partner trade or scoot back if you want the original arrangement back).

Change the out-facers with scoot back and split circulate.

Change both with (all 8) circulate.

From arrangements 3 or 4

The numbers don't help me for these, so I'll note that boys are together and girls are together.

Change the girls with girls trade.

Change the boys with boys trade.

Change both with partner trade.

But beware that if your get-out needs a 0 or 1/2 arrangement, and you are going to get there with a split circulate, that will change the order of the infaceing centers, so set them up to the opposite sequence of what you will eventually need, or change them after the arrangement change if needed and don't bother to do it while in this arrangement.  (They will be centers so the fix after conversion is just centers trade.)  (An alternative conversion is centers trade; hinge.)