Amateur Radio KE1G

Formerly WA1TYA, WN2GHN, first licensed in March of 1963

Grid: FN43fb13od56

Member of


Home station

FT-991A, Z-11Pro II, to an EMCOMM II as a sagging inverted L, 17' at the corner, lower at the end. It seems to load OK from 160 through 6.

Primarily FT8, though exploring JS8Call. Rare forays into SSB. Even rarer into CW. Spring antenna work may make voice more worthwhile.

Portable capabilities

KX3, Super Antenna MP1, LIFEPO4 battery (I have a generator, so I could bring the FT-991A for bigger deployments), MFJ-16010 (though the LDG would probably come along -- it was chosen because it uses latching relays so it's power consumption is neglegable except during tuning).


Off air contact via the forwarder at does work. Snail mail from FCC or QRZ databases also works.

I currently log to LOTW,, and